XIV International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics

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Invited (25/5/04 - Final)

Joe Ajello"A journey through the solar system in the ultraviolet"
Kenta Amemiya"Direct observation of surface and interface magnetism with the depth-resolved X-ray magnetic circular dichroism technique"
Elke Arenholz"Vectormagnetometry studies of exchange biased systems using soft X-ray magnetic dichroism"
Yoshiro Azuma"Double photoexcitation of Helium in a strong dc electric field"
Antonio-Rubens de Castro"Interaction of intense VUV radiation from an FEL with atoms and clusters"
Lucio Braicovich"Dichroism in resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering"
Chien-Te Chen"Soft X-ray investigation of highly-correlated electron systems"
Nikolai Cherepkov"On complete experiments in the photoionization of atoms and molecules"
Markus Drescher"Atomic dynamics with attosecond VUV pulses"
Kjeld Eikema"Frequency-comb metrology in the VUV"
John Eland"Contributions of a pulsed laboratory VUV source to studies of multiple photoionization"
Wendy Flavell"Resonant photoemission of transition metal perovskites: from GMR to catalysts"
Atsushi Fujimori"Photoemission and MCD study of magnetic semiconductors for spintronics"
Peter Hammond"Highly-excited states: new experimental windows in photoexcitation"
Steve Kevan"Coherent soft-X-ray magnetic scattering"
Maya Kiskinova"Spectroscopic identification and imaging of surface processes occurring on microscopic and mesoscopic scales"
Annie Klisnick"Picosecond XUV lasers for users: current achievements and future LASERIX facility at LIXAM"
Nobuhiro Kosugi"Valence in the Rydberg/continuum region: theory and experiment of molecular inner-shell spectroscopy"
Carolyn Larabell"X-ray tomography: Cells in 3-D at better than 50 nm resolution"
Jorgen Larsson"Combining laser and synchrotron radiation in time-resolved experiments"
Mirna Lerotic"Cluster analysis in soft X-ray spectromicroscopy: finding the patterns in complex specimens"
Edvin Lundgren"The oxidation of some late transition metals: from UHV to ambient oxygen partial pressures"
Yi Luo"Local electronic and geometrical structures of hydrogen-bonded complexes studied by soft X-ray spectroscopy"
Norman Mannella"Electron localization, polarons and clustered states in manganites"
Michael Martin"Synchrotron infrared science: physics, biology, environmental science and coherence"
Claudio Masciovecchio"Inelastic UV scattering: a new tool for the study of collective dynamics in condensed-matter physics"
Ian McNulty"X-ray microscopy at the Advanced Photon Source"
Bob Meier"Diagnostic spectroscopy at the edge of space"
Catalin Miron"Femtosecond dynamics probed by high-resolution electron spectroscopy and coincidence techniques"
Matthias Neeb"Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy on small metal cluster anions using fs laser pulses"
Keith Nugent"Correlation and phase measurement in X-ray physics"
Fulvio Parmigiani"Nonlinear photoelectron emission in metals"
Francis Penent"Coincidence Auger spectroscopy"
Norio Saito"Dynamics of core-ionization and -excitation of molecules probed by multiple coincidence momentum-imaging spectroscopy"
Shik Shin"Ultrahigh-resolution photoemission spectroscopy of superconductors using a VUV laser"
Eric Shirley"Toward quantitatively describing multipole, multiplet and correlation effects in VUV spectra"
Tom Slanger"Observation of 10.5-13.5 eV OI Rydberg states in the terrestrial ionospheric nightglow: the new role of large telescopes in atmospheric studies"
Patrick Soukiassian"Atomic-scale nanochemistry on silicon carbide: passivation and/or metallization"
Ken Taylor"Multiphoton double ionization of atoms and molecules by FEL VUV light"
Wim Ubachs"High-resolution molecular studies using a laser-based tunable XUV source with 107 resolving power"
Francois Wuilleumier"Photoionization of excited atoms and ions: recent progress and future prospects"
Kaoru Yamanouchi"Ultrafast dynamics of molecules in the vacuum ultraviolet wavelength region: ultrashort pulsed excitation vs. monochromatic excitation"
Han Woong Yeom"Electronic transitions of atomic wires on surfaces"
Wilfried Wurth"Soft X-ray spectroscopy of deposited transition metal atoms and clusters"

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