XIV International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics

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Hot Topics (15 minutes)

J. Adachi (JP) "Vibrationally resolved C 1s photoelectron angular distributions from fixed-in-space CO molecules: Mechanism of the shape-resonance-induced non-Franck-Condon effects"
M. Agåker (SWE) "Resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering at hollow lithium states in solids"
N. Berrah (USA) "Inner-Shell Dynamic Studies in Negative Ions"
J. D. Bozek (USA) "Spin resolved inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy of Xe clusters"
T. van Buuren (USA) "X-ray absorption and emission studies of diamond nanoparticles"
Y. Q. Cai (TW) "X-ray Raman scattering of oxygen in high-pressure low-temperature H2O"
A. Chikamatsu (JP) "In-situ Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study on La1-xSrxMnO3 Thin Films grown by Laser MBE"
P. C. Cosby (USA) "Dissociative recombination of vibrationally-excited oxygen molecular ions"
H. A. Dürr (GER) "Fs electron and spin dynamics in ferromagnetic films and nanostructures"
S. Eisebitt (GER) "Magnetic imaging by dichroic x-ray holography"
E. di Fabrizio (ITA) "Phase and intensity control through diffractive optical elements in x-ray microscopy"
A. de Fanis (JP) "Photoelectron - photoion - photoion coincidence imaging in Ar dimer"
S.-I. Fujimori (JAP) "High-energy photoemission study on uranium compounds"
S. Hatta (JP) "Charge-density wave transition on In/Cu(001)"
P. A. Heimann (USA) " Ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopy of laser-excited materials"
S. Imada (JP) "Ferromagnetic metal to spin-glass insulator transition in pyrochlore-type molybdates R2Mo2O7 studied with photoemission and XMCD"
C. Jacobsen (USA) "X-ray imaging without lenses: diffraction imaging at Stony Brook and the ALS"
K. D. Kavanagh (IRE) "Probing Colliding Calcium Plasmas with Emission and VUV Absorption Imaging"
A. Kimura (JP) "Surface magnetic property of c(2×2)CuMn/Cu(001) 2-dimensional ordered surface alloy: Probed by soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism"
H. Komoda (JP) "Direct observation of superconducting gap in YB6 by ultrahigh-resolution photoemission spectroscopy"
E. Kukk (FIN) "VUV-induced processes in alkali halide dimer molecules -- how well does the ionic approach work?"
C. J. Latimer (UK) "Anion spectroscopy of core photoexcited bromo-chloro-alkanes"
H. Lefebvre-Brion (FRA) "The 'cathedral' in the near-threshold absorption spectrum of N2
M. Meyer (FRA) "Resonant and non-resonant two-photon ionization of atoms"
J. F. Moore (USA) "High sensitivity detection of desorbed biomolecules by photoionization with tunable VUV"
K. Nakagawa (JP) "Natural circular dichroism of amino acid films observed in soft X-ray and VUV region using polarizing undulator"
D. Neshev (AUS) "High-order harmonic generation yielding tunable extreme-ultraviolet radiation of high spectral purity"
K. Okada (JP) "Large-cluster-model calculation of O 1s XAS for Y2-xCaxBaNiO5"
T. Okuda (JP) "Scanning tunneling microscope combined with synchrotron-radiation for elemental analysis"
G. O'Sullivan (IRE) "Recent progress in source development for EUV lithography"
G. Paolicelli (ITA) "Bulk Sensitive Photoemission: first results of VOLPE project at ESRF"
L. Petaccia (ITA) "Electronic structure of single-walled carbon nanotubes and interaction with atoms and gases studied via synchrotron radiation spectroscopy"
O. Rader (GER) "Which Mn is ferromagnetic in Ga1-xMnxAs?"
D. Rolles (GER) "Probing the degree of core hole localization in isotope substituted N2 via photoelectron spectroscopy"
E. Rotenberg (USA) "Spin Density Wave Phase Diagram of Cr(110) Thin Films"
K. Sakamoto (JP) "Electronic structures of Ca induced one-dimensional reconstructions on a Si(111) surface"
T. Schmitt (SWE) "Local and non-local effects in resonant inelastic X-ray scattering of Na2V3O7 nanotubes"
C. M. Schneider (GER) "Imaging Magnetization Dynamics in Microstructures by Picosecond-XPEEM"
A. Sekiyama (JP) "Bulk electronic state of high Tc cuprate La2-xSrxCuO4 observed by high-energy angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy"
T. K. Sham (CAN) "Studies of nanostructures using time-resolved x-ray excited optical luminescence"
T. P. Softley (UK) "Controlling the motion of hydrogen molecules"
A. V. Soldatov (RUSS) "Electronic structure of human hemoglobin: ultrasoft X-ray emission study"
A. Tadich (AUS) "Mapping disorder-order induced changes to the fermi surface of Cu3Au"
T. Takeuchi (JP) "Soft x-ray spectroscopy of diluted magnetic semiconductor Ga1-xMxN (M = Cr, Mn)"
M. Tsunekawa (JP) "Soft x-ray photoemission study of quasi-two-dimensional organic conductors BEDT-TTF and BEDO-TTF salts"
E. Weschke (GER) "Resonant magnetic soft x-ray scattering at the lanthanide M5 edges"
R. A. J. Woolley (UK) "Does an encapsulated atom 'feel' the effects of adsorption?"
C. R. Wu (USA) "EUV Photolysis of Molecular Ice Systems of Astronomical Interest"

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