XIV International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics

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VUV14 - Proceedings

The proceedings will be published as a special issue of the peer-reviewed

Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena

Proceedings Guest Editor: Anatoli Kheifets (Australia)
Elsevier Handling Editor: Adam Hitchcock (Canada)


Two (2) printed copies of each manuscript should brought to the VUV14 Conference venue and submitted for review at the registration desk.

The manuscript format should adhere to the Elsevier guidelines.

An example manuscript is available sample.pdf (which was produced from the files sample.tex and figure.EPS).

Manuscripts may be typed using the following templates (<shift><left mouse button> to download):

 Elsevier Template file(s)Comments
LaTeXelsart.cls   elsart-num.bst  vuv14.texnote: all 3 files are required
Word 2000W2000SC.DOTsingle column
Word 2000W2000TWOC.DOTsplit column
Word 6ETSC.DOTsingle column
Word 6ETTWOC.DOTsplit column

Word limits
Plenary (review) 5200 words (8 journal pages)
Invited (progress) 3900 words (6 journal pages)
Hot Topic/oral (progress) 3900 words (6 journal pages)
Contributed (poster) 2600 words (4 journal pages)

Guidelines for estimating the size of a paper, i.e. translate from manuscript to printed journal pages.

One printed page of JESRP contains about 650 words. One page of double spaced manuscript page has about 250 words of text. Each figure and table should be counted as 250 words. As an example, 2500 words of (double-line spaced) manuscript (roughly 10 full pages) and 6 figures will produce roughly 6 printed pages. Please count title page, text pages, tables and figure captions as manuscript pages.
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