XIV International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics

About Cairns

Australia, the land of things that bite, sting and kill! Is it really that bad?

Jamie Seymour

Public Lecture - Tuesday July 20 - 6pm

Cairns Convention Centre


When it comes to venomous and poisonous animals, Australia tops the list. We have the most venomous spider, snake, fish and jellyfish in the world. About the only really deadly animals we missed out on are scorpions (well, we have them, but at least they don't kill people!). Because of this, Australia is often thought of as a reasonable "venomous" place to come to, but is it really that bad? If you live here, or if you are only visiting, what are the chances of you coming in contact with these creatures? Are you really likely to become envenomed by these creatures or are you more likely to be injured by a passing car? These questions and more will be answered as we take a pictorial view of Australia's venomous fauna!
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